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SGH Activity Report 2014

30.09.2016 Update

SGH Activities in 2014

Project Study(Elective Subjects)

Research on Global Issues(【Subject:The Period for Integrated Studies】For Second-Year Students)

International Cooperation and Gender Issues[Human Rights and Inequality]

Welcoming two guests who are at the same age from Plan Japan Nepal, listening to their activities on the issue of "early marriage" and discussing how the young generation could solve the issue together.
Visiting Taipei First Girls High School and having presentation and discussion on not only the gender but also global social issues.
Attending an international symposium "Sustainability and Gender"
Special lectures and classes by university professors are as follows.

【Themes of the Lectures】

Writing papers as a result of the research.


Economic Development and the Environment[Toward Sustainable Development]

Discussing environmental issues with foreign exchange students at Ochanomizu Univ.
Discussing the air pollution problem in Vietnam with students of Nishi high school, Ochanomizu Univ. and Univ. of Tokyo.
Visiting Hanoi (Vietnam) as youth members of AEON Asia Youth Leaders sponsored by AEON One Percent Club, participating in field work with students from other Asian countries then transmitting draft proposal on improving air pollution in Hanoi.
Participating in the national convention of the 5th high school environmental activities sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment, and getting the most excellent award for the proposal on “Environment-friendly Urban Development".
Special lectures and classes by university professors and experts are as follows.

【Themes of the Lectures】

Writing papers as a result of the research.


International Relations and Resolution[Poverty, Peace, and Human Rights]

Special lectures and classes by university professors and experts are as follows.

【Themes of the Lectures】

Participating in the 8th Global Classrooms in Japan as role of the Malaysian and Mexico ambassadors.
Participating in the 15th Nikkei Stock Leagues and getting the most excellent award and the Financial Minister Award for “Solving the Global Social Issue by Investment”.
Writing papers as a result of the research.


Global Course

Inviting teenager guest from Nepal as lecturers and having discussion time on “Girls’ Rights and Early Marriage”. (NPO Plan Japan)
Inviting CEO from Patagonia Japan as a lecturer.(Patagonia International Inc. Japan)
Holding a special lecture on “International Cooperation and Population Problems in Developing Countries”. (presented by JOICEP)


Other Activities

Holding exchanging meeting with the students of Chulalongkorn high school in Thailand.
Having an opportunity to see “KABUKI” and “BUNRAKU”, the typical traditional Japanese cultures.
Participating in summer program at Ochanomizu University as observers. (The summer program is aimed for mutual interaction amongst students from Japan and other countries.)
Using e-learning material supervised by Foreign Language Center at Ochanomizu University for self-studies.
Accepting exchange students from Malaysia.