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Ochanomizu University Senior High School


About Us

31.03.2016 Update

School Policies

Building on a Foundation of Knowledge

Knowledge resources accumulated over the school’s 140-year history provide a foundation for understanding the world of today to enable young women to develop their full potential in the society of the future.

Focus on the Individual

The Ochanomizu University Senior High School holds a unique position as Japan’s only all-girls national high school. Its small enrollment of 360 students offers a nurturing environment that allows each girl to demonstrate her individuality and fully develop her abilities.

Autonomy and Independence

In addition to rigorous academic studies, our students take an active part in school events and club activities through which they develop autonomy and independence. Graduates are active in many fields, and throughout their lives draw on the qualities acquired at the school.

Educational Philosophy

  1. To nurture students with a broad perspective who can articulate their opinions in a clear and intelligent way, supported by a firm educational foundation.
  2. To cultivate students who are independent, confident, and collaborative.
  3. To encourage students to strive to become highly educated women who contribute to society.


The school’s affiliation with Ochanomizu University provides a strong and sustained academic environment that supports girls as they develop into highly educated women who will contribute to society.

Collaboration between Ochanomizu Senior High School and Ochanomizu University


February 1872 (Meiji 5)
Established as National Girls School

Student Enrollment

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