Inquiries for Observations and Lecturer Requests


Inquiries for Observations and Lecturer Requests

At Ochanomizu University Junior High School, we accept observations of classes and consultations regarding research, as well as requests for guest lecturers. Please apply following the steps below. Please note that observation and lecturer requests are primarily conducted in Japanese. We cannot provide simultaneous interpretation.

School (Class) Observation

We will accommodate various requests.

We also accept trainees (domestic exchange students, etc.) and interns from Boards of Education and other organizations.

Research Survey Requests

If you would like to conduct research involving our school at a university or research institution, you will need to pass an ethics review at your affiliated university or research institution. (We only accept research requests from graduate students or higher, and ask that applications be submitted through the supervising university faculty. We do not accept research or questionnaire requests from undergraduate students.)

Lecturer Requests

We will assign a lecturer based on the content of your training.

Application Method
If you have a connection with our school's faculty, please contact them directly or consult with the contact information below regarding dates and conditions.
*For educational professionals only. Elementary school students and guardians who wish to apply for our school should utilize opportunities such as entrance examination information sessions.
Once you have received approval, please create a request form for lecturer or observation and send it to our school by mail. (Any format of your choice)